How do I seduce you? 3 CRITICAL POINTS

How to get the woman from your front door into your bedroom – 3 critical points without which you will never be able to do it!

Experienced lovers (you will soon be one of them) know exactly how to seduce a woman …

They know the 3 critical points that Sergej and Estefano bring you closer in this article …

So Sergei, the question is:

How do I seduce them?

Sergei: There are three key points of seduction, three. The first point, that is persistence. If you are persistent, if you do not leave immediately after the first negative reaction, but play a little, if you do not give up immediately, but try to achieve your goal. Yes, of course, you shouldn’t run after a woman when she has told you very clearly, “Dude, nothing will go between us. I have a friend, I am married, there is my friend and you are not ”. You shouldn’t try all evening anyway because … stupid. It’s about that if you want something, you show your will. We get what we want. Only we have to show the will. And we don’t get the will right now. We immediately get what we need. Sometimes we need a basket to see, “Okay, there are still a few qualities in me that I have to develop to become attractive to women.” Or, I just have to address more women, that too.

Estefano: You once, I think it was you that was brilliant, that was “No just means ‘not yet'”. I’m not sure if it came from you, but this concept that a no from a woman mostly only means ‘not yet’ means that you can translate it for yourself and that just means that you are persistent, and I’m going to give a story right now, that was when I had a first date with a woman at my house and what I always did when the woman came to me for the first date, and most men think, “Okay, I’m going to watch two hours of DVD with her and then maybe there will be a moment when I can fill her up a little so I can kiss her ”or something, and I opened the door then, totally funny, I had it then Opened the door, was totally motivated and she comes in and I try to kiss her on the threshold. You know, so “hello” and I’m already trying to kiss her.

What is she doing? Totally overwhelmed, right? then gave me a basket at the door and then came in. What happened now? The point is. She gave me a basket. I laughed. It wasn’t too embarrassing to me at the moment, I just laughed because I knew “Ah, wait” and she came in but that means if she gives you a basket but still goes voluntarily to my apartment you know where there are cocktails, and there is a DVD and she sits on the couch. What does it really mean? That just means, ‘not yet’. Then what do I do? How do I seduce them? I get her something to drink, I sit down and try to kiss her again, you know? But basket again! And that was just funny, we basically made a game out of it. And what I want to say is …

Sergej: Did it work in principle?

Estefano: Yes, of course. I think so for the 4th or 5th time. Sure, I already knew. Think about it. If you try to kiss her and she still comes to your apartment, sit down, you try again immediately, she still stays seated, of course she wants it. She knows that she could get up and go at any time, but as long she doesn’t, you know You know it’s still a little bit of gaming, it’s just a little bit “I don’t want to give myself up so easily” or “I don’t want to let him in too quickly” you know, so that he doesn’t lose respect from me , There are many factors that can make this happen, but I always like to do it that I see is a passive sign of interest. Just like if you spoke to a woman in the club, you sit there with her and she says “Ah, sorry, no interest” but she still sits next to you and looks at you with a smile. So what does it really mean? It means ‘not yet’. What would be different if she says she gets up and goes and says “Hey, I don’t feel like it” or if she says “Hey sorry but I want to go now” at my house. I mean, then logically it’s over. So don’t pay attention to what she says, but what she does.

Sergej: Yes, but sometimes it’s not even what she does.

Estefano: Yes, in that case yes, but you know what I mean with this point. Pay attention to these passive signs of interest. As long as she stays there and looks you in the eye with a smile and reacts well and keeps talking to you, even though you try to kiss her all the time, it usually means ‘not yet’.

Sergei: Every mentally healthy man can differentiate between an “Ah, No” and a “No”. There was also a case with me. I tried to kiss a woman 15-20 times because it was the first date, in a bar, we sat there and we touched our feet under the table, her eyes shine, my eyes shine, I take her hand, everything is wonderful, we go out and I think “Okay, this is the moment when I should kiss her” and I turn her to me and I want to kiss her and she goes back. I grab her belt, I pull her to myself and try to kiss her, because between us there was this physical contact, we flirted without end and I try to kiss her and she twists away like a boxer. And at some point she says to me “Okay, Sergei, if you don’t stop, I’ll go”. I think “Oh my god, I still have to learn so much?” Okay, take a few steps, she holds my hand, turns me to her and kisses me. So later I asked her what the shit was about. She meant original sound, “When I tried to kiss me, I wasn’t ready, but when you stopped, I thought, why not?” Women.

Estefano: A very important point because I still want to chop on the thing with the basket when kissing. When I think about it, most women I kissed gave me a basket when I kissed at the beginning. And what I’ve discovered over time, think about it, whenever you actually kiss a woman for the first time, and she’s there right away, it means that you probably kissed her too late. Is not it? Because she was there right away, probably you could have kissed her a little earlier. And when you start exploring, ‘How quickly can I kiss women?’, You come up with totally crazy things. And that’s why if you get a basket at the beginning, then you know that it was too early. So you find out for yourself, it was such a phase in my life, where I experimented a lot and wanted to find out what works and how quickly I can kiss a woman – and you can kiss a woman damn fast, that’s what I want But don’t go in now – but the moment you don’t get a basket from her, it means that you were probably too late and therefore I can only say, experiment with yourself personally, with your personality and with every woman you meet and try kissing her faster than you think it’s possible.

And that also looks very attractive, because if you get a basket from a woman and you respond to it in an attractive way, that makes you more attractive in her eyes, because it is not as if you lost then, you only lose if you get a basket and then react unattractive by embarrassing yourself and looking at the floor and doing nothing and collapsing. Then the game is over, but if you just grin and smile and say, “Okay, I’ll try again in two minutes.” You look her in the eyes, you know, she laughs dead and you look confident and attractive.

Sergej: It is often the case with women that they block the kiss and then they think “shit, why did I block, why did I block?”. That she was like “Oh my, try again, try again”. But if the man then “Oh my god, she already gave me a basket, now nothing is running anymore, now I can dig into the earth”. Then…

Estefano: That’s why you lost it because of your internal processing of the basket. Not because of the basket that happened externally.

Sergej: If she stays there, especially on the first date, when you try to kiss her and she turns away, then maybe you kiss her on the cheek, shy women do it, or I would have a saying, super good, chat now me out of the sewing box, when she turns away, you can say “You have no idea how much you excite me with your shyness”. And she already knows that if she blocks you, she knows which feelings she triggers in you and these feelings are never triggered either. And when she comes to the next date, it’s clear what happens. So clear to the masses. Therefore persistence. I mean of course you don’t have to try to kiss her for hours if she blocks. Sometimes it is quite good to take a break. That is the point of persistence. But of course you should also see a ‘no’ just to save your resources.

Estefano: I think it’s also about that while you try it is funny and sexual at the same time, because whenever I tried to kiss a woman really often, 4.5.6 times, it was always constant funny mood, wherever she always laughed, but wherever I joked about it, it was never the case that we just talk and in the middle of the conversation “Uoah” I tried to kiss her. Of course it wasn’t like that. Not that it is so wrong now.

Sergej: You already notice in the bar or where you are on a date. You are already on this physical trip, then you can tell her “Just close your eyes, I want to try something, do it”. And then she closes her eyes and you kiss her. In 70 to 80% of the cases she takes part because she notices “Okay, cool trick”. But when she looks so scared and you “Oh my god, sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I wanted to show you something and then, I’m sorry, I couldn’t control myself, okay, close your eyes, me show it to you ”and then you kiss her again. And if she doesn’t check it then, then … So if she runs away, then it’s clear. But, usually women laugh heartily.

Estefano: Do ​​you put a third time on it “Seriously, now I have to show you something”. You do that when she’s all blonde.

Sergej: Most of the reactions are like “Oh my god, what are you doing?”. It’s going in the right direction, but sometimes women need a little to lose this insecurity. Give her a little bit more time and that’s it. So the next point: flexibility. Women are different, men are different. If you have a date with such a totally shy woman, then it is stupid to say something loud because she is just intimidated and you do not trigger the emotions that you want to resolve because you are such a person . But when you meet a totally expressive woman and she talks and talks from one topic to another, then you have to adjust your energy. That means look at what energy level the woman is at. For example, if she’s sitting in the club, or in the coffee, I wouldn’t be like a drunk guy like “Hey, laugh, come on, party”. And she “My God, get out of there you drunk quickly”. When you see what energy she is in, sit down, and do not speak immediately, but first give her the opportunity to watch you, look in the direction, in the direction, move a little so that she does not comes to the feeling that you are addressing them, you are just there and eventually “Hey, a question, no idea” how do you like the DJ? where’s the bar, where’s the library… no matter what? ”but you gave her the opportunity to check out and adjust. It is very important that you are on the same wavelength, from the energy level. If she cheers in the middle of the dance floor or on the box, wait until she is down or go up to her and go off totally, but a little bit more than she does.

Estefano: So that in principle you always give value, raise your mood a little bit without being too far ahead.

Sergej: Third point: act. If you don’t act, you can know all the tricks in the world. If you don’t act in a time slot, everything is for the cat. There is a certain time window in which it is possible to chat to this woman. When that window is over, the opportunity is over. It means that your skills as a seducer can only be demonstrated if you take advantage of this window of time. So outside of this time window there is no point. So you do not have to think about what to say to women, but when you see a woman, immediately take some action to draw her attention to you to seek this contact with her to a certain degree. You speak to women, not to speak to them, but your conversation with them has a goal. You want to dissolve emotions in them. What emotions do you want to trigger in them? That she wants you, you want her to find you hot. Try to imagine that she thinks you’re hot. Then you will automatically adapt, then you will automatically adopt the correct body language. Try to imagine it and what is your goal? For example, the phone number, then ask for the phone number after talking a little bit with her, after realizing the interest is there.

Estefano: I also know it for example from the kiss that this time window. For example you are with a woman, you are talking to her on the first date and you just don’t kiss her. At some point you could kiss her and at some point you won’t be able to. Because the problem is, if you don’t kiss her at this time, where she would expect it to be, there are only two things: either she thinks you are not interested in her, or she thinks you don’t dare to kiss her and both make you unattractive for them and in both cases you lose the woman in the end. What I discovered is – just to get a little deeper here – that it really matters whether you show the woman that you want something because what women hate is when you show as a man that you want something but can’t because you don’t dare That is, suppose you talk to a woman longer and you know you could kiss her but you really don’t feel like kissing her right now because you don’t want to, you get her nervous, you constantly make her feel like you can have, but you don’t feel like it, but you’re totally confident and relaxed, you can keep it forever, because she always knows “This is the guy who hasn’t done anything yet”. It is different when you are on a date and are completely hesitant and nervous and you do not dare to take the first step. It is the same with addressing, for example if you see a woman in a restaurant, she realizes that you are looking at her and that you absolutely want to go to her and want to address her, but do not trust yourself, at that moment the time window is basically closing . On the other hand, if you are standing at the bar with a colleague now, have a chat, you have the best time of your life and you grin at her, but you are busy with your colleague at the moment, but she does not feel that you want something that you don’t dare, the time window won’t close either. So just to work it out a bit.

Sergej: Yes, of course, if you go out of the club and never see them again, this time window is also gone, but it is important to have this feeling for the time window and to really act. Do something, even if it’s a little thing. Even if you ask them for directions and go on, do something. Because then you get used to acting when you see a woman you like and that’s extremely important. Don’t just stay in your head, but act.

Watch out…

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