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A really sophisticated technique, we call it “guessing dirty thoughts” – technique, you will learn from Sergej and Estefano …

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Guessing dirty thoughts with a woman

Sergej: Tip number 12. A little technique that you can use on a date, for example, or when you meet a woman in a club. When you realize that you are on the same wavelength, that she reacts to you, that her eyes shine, that she keeps the conversation going. If she asks you questions, if she not only answers your questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but holds a conversation with you, then she is interested in you.

Then you can say, ‘I can say what the woman is thinking about when I feel her pulse’, ‘if I feel very precisely, then I can … oh, wow, you are one of those!’. You loosen in it, or you focus on something dirty in it. Every woman has dirty thoughts, fantasies that she might never live out in life, but every woman has this dirty side. And you aim like a spotlight on that dirty, perverted side of her.

Estefano: Most of all, you are touching her here at the same time. You also come closer and build touch. That’s why it’s so strong.

Sergej: Exactly. You can also hold her hand … ’Oh, wow, so you’re one of those’. An upgrade: “Oh my god” that you already reject her and that she ‘what? What? What?’.

Estefano: What do you say when she asks, for example, ‘What do you mean by that?’ Or something? Do you sometimes ask, or don’t you do that in practice?

Sergej: You also ask clearly.

Estefano: So, quasi, ‘What did you see?’ Show great spells right?

Sergej: ‘You know that exactly’. Of course she knows that.

Estefano: And you’re already extremely sexual. Very strong technology!

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Sergej: Of course you could still upgrade the whole thing and say, for example, ‘Oh my god, wow, you know what? We have the same pulse. Do you know what this means? We are soul mates. Do you want to feel my pulse Close your eyes’. And when she has her eyes closed, you put her hand on the crotch – or do we want to cut it out?

Estefano: No, not at all, leave it like that!

Sergej: All right. Because when you are at this level with her, where you touch.

Estefano: You don’t do that in a restaurant, you do that at home.

Sergej: Don’t do it in the pub, of course, if you are somewhere at the bar or if you are in the middle of the dance floor. Of course you are where you can talk. So, in the middle of the dance floor, screaming something in your ear and putting your hand on your penis, that’s … she won’t understand you.

Or maybe she’ll join too. It is important that she understands you and that she says, “Okay, we have the same heartbeat, we are on the same wavelength”. Already she has created this world in her head, where you are soul mate and ‘Do you want to feel my pulse?’, She thinks that she will immediately recognize why you are on the same wavelength and then close your eyes and then you start the bar or stands at the bar and then you just don’t bring her hand to your heart.

Estefano: You mean you’re extremely sexually aggressive then.

Sergei: Not aggressive. You are dear to her, you are nice. You are such a little playful boy and you can see it from the woman’s reaction, ‘Hey’.

Estefano: How do they usually react to where you did it?

Sergei: They laugh because they don’t expect it. It’s such an ‘oh my god!’ That’s funny.

Estefano: What you demonstrate to them is extreme sexual self-confidence. Of course, you need to know which woman you are doing this with because she shouldn’t feel disturbed. And I guess when you take her hand, you run it as if it’s clear.

Sergej: Even if you just lead them in the direction of your step, they’ll start giggling and ‘Oh my god, you’re bad!’ And that means that the hand doesn’t even have to contact the step, just in the direction.

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