Don’t think about it for long, don’t hesitate, just do it! Success, not only for women, comes from practice and not just from theory.

Here Pierre and Estefano explain why you have something in front of all men if you simply do it instead of hesitating! And you will get the answer if you’ve always wondered if Estefano’s tips and tricks are already well known.

Pierre: Tip 11 is: Reduce the time between stimulus and reaction, or simply put it, do it! Success has three letters: T U N, do, that’s really so blatant. You have to laugh. In almost all women or situations where I pondered a long time ago and watched ‘what can I say best?’ And so on. Not that I’ve pondered for a long time. Sometimes even if it was only five seconds, but it was actually always in my experience the best alternative to always go immediately and immediately throw yourself into a situation.

Then you are authentic, then you are without a balancing mind, you do not worry about what you could say. It also looks authentic to women and is not spoken of. It doesn’t look calculated, it just looks normal and authentic. So many men could be so much more successful with women if they just did and did and didn’t ponder all the time.

Estefano: Yes. That is definitely true. Especially if you have this theoretical foundation, and it really gives a lot of knowledge about women, at some point the point must come where you are constantly doing. What I always like best, how I’ve always learned the most – but that’s also because I’m a type of learner – was that in the beginning I always got all the information from all the experts in a certain area, just around Knowing everything and really understanding how these people think.

For example, coaches in every area not just on the subject of ‘dating’. I just got everything from them, looked at everything and just went through it until I had the feeling ‘now I’m checking it’ and then I started doing, doing, doing, doing, doing and then I had to you see that you also get feedback from someone at the same time.

And so you become really excellent in one area because you know what you have to do and then you do a lot and you get feedback at the same time and so on. And that’s basically a spiral that you basically go through again and again. And you just get damn good at what. But that’s very important, because many forget that they have to do so much and just always pull the theory in and don’t do something simultaneously. Because you have to apply things too. It’s so blatant, you have to imagine Pierre, now so many people have seen my videos, there are so many people in my newsletter and yet I have never received a single email from a man who said, ‘Hey Estefano, a woman already knew this trick ‘, or’ this saying already ‘.

At the moment over 200,000 people have already registered, just for this newsletter. It’s a whole city of men. And yet the men who say, ‘Hey, I did the things’ come to me and say, ‘Hey, so blatant, I just kissed six women with it at a village party’. No woman ever said ‘hey, but that’s Estefano’s kiss trick’, not at all. Because many just don’t do it. That said, if you are the one doing the things, you can have massive success in every area of ​​your life.

Pierre: And always on this topic. You just said it in another video that said, ‘Talk to women at the bus stop’ when there are people and things like that. Right there, just do it! All this brooding what could happen if the older gentleman somehow frowns next to it. It doesn’t get you anywhere. Do it! Throw yourself in and you’ll see it’s the best thing you can do.

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