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Windows 7 PC Shutdown Frequently After Every 10 Mins Approximately

Based on the current situation, I would like to suggest you update the chipset driver and the BIOS to the latest version. Then I calibrated it and since then there is some improvement but still some problem is there. Has the Doctor ever knowingly interacted with his current incarnation Why are irrational numbers such a big deal? Thank god for my laptop! navigate here

That might leave the system showing an error message before it goes down. I just DON"T get it… I pretty much rebuilt my machine and it's still having issues. It has full 3d acceleration, and my laptop is now stable on battery power. If it switches on, again turn it off, unplug, put the battery back and give it around 10 minutes charge and then switch it on. http://www.sevenforums.com/performance-maintenance/319530-windows-7-pc-shutdown-frequently-after-every-10-mins-approximately.html

Ipressed F2 then the computer just restarts and does the whole thing agian over and over. Reply to cltschirhart m 0 l Ravi Kiran_1 November 9, 2015 7:27:17 AM Hi, I also have same problem with Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520) as well, laptop shutdowns randomly Reply to Sherief m 0 l tyagiggaurav March 22, 2016 11:08:48 PM I was having the same problem. I am able to switch straight back on afterwards though and my device will keep working> I use a Samsung notebook with an i3 processor, about 3 years old Might consider

  • everytime the comp restarts we hear the beep right.
  • I get packages all the time from them.
  • Most times a blue screen is cause by bad or improperly configured memory or a bad driver.
  • Even now the machine is shutting down after 10 mins but will work without any problem in safe mode.
  • solved PC starts automatically when plugged in and gets shut down after some time i had buy a used laptop and chnge the keyboard since it was not working after repairing
  • Reply to trixiebee m 0 l BUBAA55 April 6, 2016 12:44:26 AM velo3100 said:I think most of your problems are related to an old or faulty battery.

Rajesh says April 19, 2010 at 4:55 am Hi guys im Rajesh, and i m getting many error when i start the my computer and mostly i see this error "the It's only when I plug it in that the laptop has successfully powered on every time. They are covered with dust, hair and other gross residue that makes it hard for the computer to cool itself off.Your fans will utterly thank you for it, and it will If it switches on, your laptop is OK, the battery is probably the problem part.

I need help I have no Idea what to do next. Started happening about a week ago and happens about once a day, usually after being online a while. I tried different environment - LXDE , Unity , Gnome , etc but it was never solved. http://superuser.com/questions/597055/windows-7-shuts-down-automatically-every-few-minutes We have an operational system!

Tom’s guide in the world Germany France Italy Ireland UK About Us | Contact Us | Legal | Terms Of Use and Sale | Privacy | Copyright Policy | Purch Privacy Maybe just cleaning up memory will solve it. Now, it won't actually start up - in any mode. which I did..

The last thing i did on both of them is the windows update from microsoft. hop over to this website You should go through the other logs listed under the view also and see if any things jumps out.That aside...I would first try it somewhere else myself, try it in another Osama Took My CatThat's an expensive laptop! I've run the Dell diagnostics tool found within the Bios on a couple of occasions & it hasn't come up with any errors.

I clicked yes without thinking. check over here I wasn't able to check the battery charge remaining. I unchecked the automatic restart but it still keeps on happening. Victoria says July 12, 2010 at 7:28 pm Hi my computer keeps shutting down every time I go into You tube or when I try and load ( Milk drop Visualisations

Osama Took My CatGoogle Chrome is notorious for using a lot of RAM while running. What else could the problem be? It's completely wacked out. http://appsizematters.com/windows-7/loosing-internet-connection-3-5-mins-after-starting-system.html MarilynIt doesn't have a chance to get hot.

Nut says January 9, 2010 at 7:19 pm If you can continue in safemode, then use the system restore feature if you had created the restorepoint before the problem occurs. Any ideas on what's wrong? That should show you the shutdowns and reboots, looks for Warnings and Errors as the log entry Type.

severe network errors/latency d.

or is it a cheap alternative that was bought on a well known auction site? I've attempted to update the bios by running Dell's update program, but while it seems to run properly, the bios doesn't update. (I'd read that a corrupt bios could cause this. Idk how to fix this but I wanna do it on my own because paying for it to be fixed will cost too much and I don't wanna make my parents jim says May 21, 2009 at 4:54 am hardware defectiveness might be the cause… savvy… memory modules!!

i updated AVG, Adaware, and SuperAntiSpyware. But this time I only got to the desktop & immediately there was the improper shutdown. Before i can restart I have to wait a few minutes. weblink I think if I use Windows Recovery Console, it might help.

I barely touched it or the contacts while doing my reassembly. PS: The laptop is about 4-5 years old. In order to prevent windows from rebooting on a blue screen, follow these instructions.http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windows7/ht/automatic-restart-windows-7.htmYou should now be able to read the error message on the blue screen. Whether the laptop does or does not have the battery inserted when plugged in, does not make any difference.

Sadley this will wipe everything off your hard drive and you will have to re-install your OS but it should solve your problem john says August 27, 2008 at 2:26 am If it's under warranty take it back and they should have a look at it. what could be the cause of the problem? PS: The laptop is about 4-5 years old.

After that, I switch my laptop back on but then it happens again, I keep on loosing progress and it's so annoying. Give it full charge. Shishir KinkarYeah. I took the battery out and have been using the power.

and i already tried untick the "automatically restart" and it still restart. If no warnings or errors then look at the "Information" ones around shutdown and just before, might be a clue there. I did have the HyperX Ram Cooler Fans installed, but they were just getting in the way of everything so I un-installed them tonight. This doesn't happen all the while though.

But when running only on the battery, if fully charged, it usually will last for about 30-60 mins (only today did it surpass about 80-90 mins) before shutting down. It made it as far as the "user accounts" screen but the HDD LED was still flashing furiously so I just left it for a while without selecting an account to All my drives checked out okay, the cpu is fine, either someone has hacked into my pc or maybe my power supply is going, but usually a good sign for that solution SolvedLaptop battery dies after laptop shuts down solution SolvedLaptop shuts down when playing on battery solution Laptop shuts down with no warning every 15-20 minutes solution Solvedis using charger only